Pay Per Click Services of SZI Technologies

The war for visibility in the search engine results page (SERPs) is intense, which is one of the significant causes that big names put huge money to dominate their presence in the online world. With search engine optimization, PPC or Pay Per Click is an excellent running horse for online marketing nowadays and if you are absent in that arena be sure that your business might be staggering behind in the field.

SZI Technologies, a PPC company in Kolkata, says that an optimized and better managed PPC campaign is a cost-effective form of advertising your services.

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Defined as paid search advertising, it is a method where marketers post their ads in websites which has similar content to the sponsoring website and when someone clicks on the ad, the sponsoring site pays a certain amount of money to the website holding its advertisement.

Our PPC services and their advantages

According to SZI Technologies, the benefits of PPC advertising are very wide and its impacts act positively for the enhancement of business. It is something that yields quick benefits in results through business website. They might be little bit costly but also a very useful form of marketing in the long run.

So what are intriguing advantages of PPC?

A little starting investment

Search engines do not charge for PPC advertising as there is nothing to pay for opening an account and the good part is you only pay if someone clicks on your ad posted on other website.

Controlling budget

Providing Pay Per Click services all over the world for many years, SZI Technologies says that this is one of the best channel of digital marketing where you can control your costs. With PPC it helps to select the right budget according to the goals of your business.

Geographical targeting of potential audience

PPC also allows you to target audience wherever you feel. Whether it is near your locality or half way across the world, PPC has the power to take your business to any part of the world where you feel comfortable to extend your business.

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Vast exposure of business

With Google and Yahoo covering about most of the world, PPC can give more exposure to your business and thereby bring in more customers and clients for you. Even someone at Alaska might be viewing your website and asking for your services and this is possible with Pay Per click.

More local visibility

A PPC agency in Kolkata, SZI Technologies believes that PPC is the best way of getting more local visibility for more conversions. Although your customers might be local but similarly it will be a good return on investment. By perfectly designing your campaign, you can prepare your site in terms of the traffic from a specific location.

Hence, now that you are alert of the advantages of PPC in business, it is time that you take a step ahead with SZI Technologies and register a better influencing presence in the online world.

Pay Per Click Services of SZI Technologies

SZI Technologies’ mantra for Online Reputation Management

Before delving deeper in the concept, let us first understand what Online Reputation Management is. The first thing that we have realized at SZI Technologies is that the online community is massive. The inclusions of forums, news sites, search engines, social networking sites, blogs, etc., has made the possibilities endless, and existence virtual. Managing the brand of your organization in this huge online community is known as Online Reputation Management or ORM (as experts like to call it).

We at SZI Technologies, being the most popular Online Reputation Management company in Kolkata, India, would like to share some tricks of the trade with you. We have funneled down the entire process of ORM to three main processes, and these are the three main things we do at SZI Technologies which has given us so many rave reviews.

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Monitoring your company’s brand online

The first thing you need to recognize is the fact that the name of your company is a brand, and you have to be extremely cautious of the fact. You need to know if something is going on about your brand. You need to gather and keep a track of the latest news regarding your brand. You need to check where your brand is mentioned and what the people’s sentiments about your brand are. At SZI Technologies, we use loads of tools to monitor our client’s brands online. They are:

  • Google Alerts: This is often considered as the best friend for monitoring brands online.
  • Yahoo Alerts: If you feel the need of tracking news by local news, keywords, feeds and stocks for free, then Yahoo Alerts could be your best bet. You have the options of receiving notifications via Yahoo messenger, mobile or e-mails.
  • Twitter Search: Apart from the known, Twitter has certain beautiful parameters like location, Twitter Account, sentiments, dates, links, etc.
  • Social Mention: We have already spoken of Google Alerts; well, Social Mention is just a social media version of the same. You can monitor your brand through all the social media platforms.

Prevention of your company’s brand name from getting tarnished

You must have heard of the proverb ‘Prevention is better than Cure’? This proverb is applicable in the case of ORM too. There are certain factors that are connected to your company that ORM covers. They are:

  • The name of the owner, or the director;
  • The name of the company;
  • The brand or brands of the company;
  • The products or services of the company;
  • The principal employees of the company;
  • The usernames or the handles of the company in different social media sites;

If any of these get tarnished, the reputation online can get destroyed faster than a wildfire. We at SZI Technologies have dealt with a number of clients who have enlisted our help just to make sure that we can prevent something like this from happening. The branding needs to be done very carefully. Blogs and social media operations should also be handled in a way that no sentiments get hurt. At SZI Technologies, we consider ORM as a very important part of our Digital Marketing activities.

Cleaning up or damage control

In case something goes kaput, you need to act, and you need to act fast. Here are some things you need to do as a priority:

  • First and foremost, hire Online Reputation Management Services;
  • In case you are being cyber-bullied, get in touch with the appropriate Government bodies and they will help you;
  • In case there is any page that defies the guidelines of Google, you can ask Google to de-index the page;

Sometimes, neither of these might be an option for you. This is where professional service providers like SZI Technologies come in handy. We help in creating an indestructible ORM combo selected specifically from various factors. We make sure that you do not need the final stage. You should hire us before you reach the final stage. At SZI Technologies, we believe in creating a solid foundation for your brand’s image in the virtual world.

SZI Technologies’ mantra for Online Reputation Management

SZI Technologies — ‘a walk through’ with your perfect partner in Web Designing

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important” – Bill Gates

Yes, he is always right as usual. What he thinks and pre assumes the world is bound to follow in later times. The first and foremost benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do and create an entire new world of excellence and superiority. When talking about Information Technology, how can one forget to mention the God of all trends— website development services and its impact on global online ecosystem? The emergence of numerous aspiring businesses across the globe has hit the economy like a hurricane and everyone is in a race to present their products & services on a platform popularly known as the ‘Internet’.

web designing company kolkata

SZI Technologies and its role in shaping the future of small businesses:

It is estimated that 90% of a company’s assets are not tangible: the most significant are brand value, relationships with the customer, reputation and the field know-how. If you are looking for someone who can understand your business requirements, sit with you over a cup of coffee and discuss the scope and cost of your business needs, then I bet SZI Technologies is unparallel. Being the crème de la crème web design & development company in Kolkata, SZI Technologies nurtures your dream with care and perfection.  SZI Technologies understands the plight of struggling businesses and thus works accordingly to fit in all good things and make your business stand out of the crowd.

SZI Technologies your Magic Man:

  • Unlike most of the website developers in Kolkata, SZI Technologies not only have traversed a long journey of success but also have taken lessons from the failures they faced in this trail of excellence. With all the ups and downs in life, these little angels triumphed over all odds and now are the best web development agency in Kolkata. Let us look into the various services provided by SZI Technologies
  • Responsive and Mobile friendly websites for clients
  • End to end Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Online Reputation Management and many more.

The Titans of all Trade:

 Head quartered at Kolkata, SZI Technologies have onsite offices in UK, Australia and USA. The operational mechanism of the company is extremely disciplined and well versed. They have a dedicated Web designing, developing, and a testing team. All of these teams are managed by highly skilled subject matter experts and technicians. Nevertheless to say, each of the team under goes under the super vision of a Project Manager who constantly upgrades himself with the latest technologies and incorporates into the system. Praise worthy feature of the company is ‘Work on Time’ and commits to deliver its entire projects on time. Maintaining the Time frame is the last word for the company.

If my personal opinion is to be considered then I always feel a positive vibe prevailing in the company, the ever smiling faces of the employees, the jovial work ambiance and the wonderful bosses who constantly cheers up the moods of the air is a million dollar accomplishment in today’s work mantra.

SZI Technologies — ‘a walk through’ with your perfect partner in Web Designing

The PPC Team of SZI Technologies

In life there are always two roads to choose from, both these roads take you to the same destination. So when you are looking up for direction, you find a long route and a short route. You think which one to take and why to take it. Our instincts tell us to follow the shortcut because of the obvious reasons. Shortcuts take less time and you reach the place quickly. PPC or pay per click is the shortcut road of digital marketing. When you plan to get visits and visitors on your websites, you have to try both the long method and the short one. The long one assists you in earning organic traffic while through PPC; you pay your way out to generate traffic, a much shorter way.

ppc company kolkata

PPC is also known as search engine marketing (SEM) and it is the process of optimizing the placement of budget, keyword, phrasing, etc to create a landing experience that creates sales, generates leads, sales and subscription in super speed. AT SZI Technologies, we make your PPC experience healthy and effective.
SZI Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a digital marketing agency in Kolkata that offers the best PPC services. We are the top ppc agency Kolkata delivering high quality service in the shortest possible time. Most companies do not know the importance of PPC; they think that greeting organic results though other methods are useful. However, the one unique benefit that PPC offers is lesser time. PPC takes less time to give same results those other methods. Yes, you have to spend some money for each click but when they derive results and generate sales there is no way the amount you pay for a click is going to matter.

SZI Technologies-youtube video marketing

Our PPC team is a group of skilled professional adept in the techniques and skills required to make campaigns work. They place ads on search engines and in necessary websites where your company can boost its sales and generate product awareness among people. Placing an ad is not easy because proper keywords need to be implemented in these advertisements first to ensure that they are visible to the right genre of audience. Our team of experts ensures that you get assured profit and return on investment.

At SZI Technologies, our job is to find the right audience for you and take your product and service to this audience. As customers visit your website, they understand more about your product, and increase their awareness about it. They then become more ready to invest on it, thus, generating more sales for you. Our PPC team is a friendly team, willing to listen to your requirements and then deliver a plan that would generate more results that you can expect of.

If you are looking for PPC services, SZI Technologies PPC Team will surely deliver the best. We assure result oriented goals that brings more prosperity to your business. So why wait, call us to know more about effective Pay Per Click services.

The PPC Team of SZI Technologies

Quick Facts on SZI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

SZI Technologies had an incredible long journey of five years with employees working as a family and standing by the company in hard times. With five long years of hardship and struggle we have made the difference. Well, it would be completely wrong to say that we have already made the difference but we are still in the process of making the difference. Saying something a hundred times may make it sound real but is actually not. Competing in the world where Digital Marketing is the new “wow” factor is like choosing dare in the “truth n dare” game. Yes, SZI Technologies dares to take up the challenge and also win the race. This company, inaugurated in the year 2010, is based in Kolkata, India and has been standing strongly against all odds since then. Today there are branches of SZI Technologies in the major parts of the world. There are branches at UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India.

szi technologies pvt ltd

SZI Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has had a glorious five years of journey and looking back, today we see a new born company that had struggled its way to walk and then take a leap to run. Throughout these five years we have celebrated our success and learned from our mistakes. Starting off a company with a small team of 20 odd professionals, we have now reached a stage where we can coin new terms in the Digital Marketing world like “Digital Marketing Mix”. We will not stop here we are looking forward to challenge the Digital Market even harder and surprise the world with innovative and creative ideas.

SZI Technologies Pvt. Ltd. initially began with handful of clients and today the client numbers have increased to 1200+. These clients are widely spread all across the world and are highly satisfied with the kind of work delivered to them. We have an efficient team of 100+ employees. Our project’s managers are all Google certified and are experts in their own field. We as a team have learned to exchange our knowledge and stand strong together to face any odd situation. In short, we are the group of employees who amalgamate hard work and experience to come up with new innovative ideas that are bound to impress our clients.


We have a team of WordPress and Magento specialists who can create the best and unique website for the client’s business with their skill and creative work. What makes us different from the other Digital Marketing companies in the market is that we push our boundaries to make the most of our client’s expectations.

The entire world is getting smarter each day with smart gadgets. People are mostly dependant on mobile and mobile applications to connect to the world. At SZI Technologies we understand that in order to run a successful business our client requires a mobile app for their business name so that their customers can reach them quickly and easily. Therefore we have a team of certified Android and iphone app developers who can ensure seamless progress of the business of our clients.

SZI Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a company that makes the most of their productivity and creativity to make things easier for the client. Our motto is “Service Before Self”, and this is the sole reason that the number of clients have increased immensely from the time we began.

Quick Facts on SZI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

SZI Technologies: Stay Ahead and Tall

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” -John D. Rockefeller

In this rapid motion of time, every human being is adapting themselves to the changes of technology; and the theories of doing business have been transforming their façade with uniform footsteps. With the crisis of closure to required needs and desires, human beings have become more curved towards exploring their satisfaction by stepping into the world of internet.

szi technologies

In the contemporary time, a business without its presence in the online sphere is a certain setback to accomplishing good standard and respect in the society as well in the market. Whether a small or huge, a company without an existence in the online world is absolutely impossible to survive in the international and national market. A website is one of the prime factors now, when a client judges a company by the first thought. This is when digital marketing knocks at your door and tells you the place where to find the fulfillment of your needs.

SZI technologies being a pioneer in this sector render the services of web development, web designing and mobile app development to its clients.

The construction of a website is not an easy science as it ranges from building a simple web page to creation of tough internet applications, social network and electronic businesses. In other words, all these stand under the umbrella of Web Development.  For those who are alert of the facts of web developing, web development consists mainly of the non-design facets of building a website that contains coding and writing markup. Due to the commercialization of the online world, web developing has become a flourishing industry; and the main reason behind is businesses seeking more closure to their clients for creating more opportunities to sell their products and services. With availability of tools like TYPO3, Joomla, XOOPS, the web developing industry is making massive effect on communication and interaction in the online world. A popular and professional web development company in Kolkata, SZI Technologies delivers the best of their efforts to create the dream website of a client under proper supervision and precision.

szi technologies

Graphic designing, interface designing, user experience design and authoring constitute the entire arena of Web Design. The web designing is the workstation that is responsible for creating the layout of a webpage or a website. The design and outlook of a website is a significant factor that creates a visual effect on the client’s mind depending upon which the person decides to explore more about that website. Web designing must be creative, interactive and user-friendly enough to hook an onlooker surfing through the internet. SZI Technologies comes from the list of most successful companies who are well praised for their web design services in Kolkata. A pleasant and engaging website is also a key to convert targets into clients.

Digital Marketing

Application software which is developed for easy access, through handheld devices like mobile phone, tab etc., to different services is called Mobile Application Development. The most benefitting path to develop a long time relationship with a customer is mobile application. The first reason is that you will be visible to your client and the second is that it creates a direct marketing channel for all your services. In the developing process of a mobile app there are certain steps including user interface, which facilitates the interaction with the device and contains hardware and software components. Mobile application developers test the application before launching them into the market and the test process goes through tools like Google Android Emulator, Blackberry Simulator, iPhoney, Mobione, TestiPhone, and Windows UI Automation. SZI Technologies is also a mobile app development company in Kolkata who specializes in app development on platforms like Android, Windows, and iPhone. Hence, developing mobile app is made easy for you.

Thus, if you are dreaming about your business goals, there is a chance we might be able to create the pillars for them in reality.

SZI Technologies: Stay Ahead and Tall

The mystery of scan-able content

You know what the princes in the stories of The Grimm Brothers could do with?? Baymax. Not because “Tadashi is here.” (We miss him, we really do!!), but because Baymax would fast forward the happy endings. I am pretty sure that Walt Disney’s people have hired Agent 47 to rub me off from the face of the earth, but I stand my ground. Think of what could have happened. Baymax would have scanned the lengths and breaths of the kingdoms and jungles. It would have found the idle match, flown to the area with the princes on his back, and cured the princesses from their enchanted sleeps on the spot, and somewhere in the jungle, Rumplestiltskin would have thrown a tantrum because his magical device lost against Hiro Hamada’s robot. Life would have been so much easier than what it was for those poor characters.

Unfortunately, the world is not perfect, and so is fiction. However, if you want scan-able content, SZI Technologies Pvt. Ltd. can help you with that. Writing is not easy. Crazy imaginations, finding the right words to describe them and finally writing it down to our heart’s content is something that not every Tom, Dick or Harry can do.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a huge and important part of Digital Marketing. We, at SZI Technologies, take the art of content creation and marketing more seriously than Drago Bludvist took his Bewilderbeast (Oh Stoick, it still hurts!!). Our thoughts are precious (more than granny’s pet from Ice Age 4) and confining them into words is what we do. We believe you do the same. Once your voice is typed, the challenge of promoting it presents itself. Now the exact thing that makes a content click is still elusive. However, at SZI Technologies, we follow a few things that give us more hits than Robert Downey Junior.

Content marketing

Let me take you to the peripheries of the mind of a SZIan. There are some things we do, and some things we try to stay away from. We do not post irrelevant contents. We might be crazy, but not spooky (speaking of, does anyone have the address of Hotel Transylvania?). We are a tad lazy too. We call it being smart and concise. We do not write without using subheads. That gives us something to go back to, once we start wandering in the meadows of Mont Blanc. We love James Bond, hence, we include bullets in our content. We love Sherlock too. That is why we “Proof”read our work. We also have loads of fun formatting. We have set out on a mission to invent a style of formatting that hypnotizes people; just kidding. However, formatting can seriously draw more eyeballs than Kane in See No Evil. We try to write as if we are talking to you. There are always scopes of interaction. That is how Hannibal Lecter found you. Check your front door. NOW!! Our contents tend to be snappier than Cheetos. We always go against the grain in a way that we look like people living on Mountain Dew. These are just a few of the things we do and don’t do, as I said, it is just the periphery.

Content Marketing

A scan-able content can do loads of good to your organization. It will help people all over the world to get a glimpse of what they might be interested in. We, at SZI Technologies have been delivering scan-able contents to our clients around the globe for years. If you want to be a part of this roller coaster, just get in touch with us, and we will make you fly higher and faster than the plane of Stealth.

The mystery of scan-able content